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Acronyms, Abbreviations and Assorted Abrenunciations

by Deanne Baum Do we use certain words and phrases casually without fully understanding their meaning? Coming out of the world nearly 10-years ago. I brought with me a lifetime of bad habits such as swearing. My use of various “choice” … Continue reading

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In The Beginning: Science, Genesis… or Both?

by Hector M. Earle On the question of evolution, Genesis holds up well For decades, there have been many arguments on whether science and Genesis are on the same page with respect to the beginning of the world. Scientists and … Continue reading

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Last Sunday evening I was humbled. I decided to take all four granddaughters to the latest “Captain America” movie, which began at 7.15pm.   I sat there through over two hours of film, not c… Source: CONFUSION REIGNS!

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The Remarkable Erasmus

By George Carter His Greek New Testament, together with his commentaries, are regarded as the catalyst that sparked the Reformation   Photo: Hans Holbein d. J. – Erasmus – Louvre Erasmus was a Roman Catholic priest who never pastored a church. … Continue reading

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