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Ten Fulfilled Prophecies in 24 Hours

By Hector M. Earle Our heavenly father inspired His prophets to write about the future of his son hundreds of years before the events came to pass.  The suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ was prophesied hundreds of years before … Continue reading

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International Garden of Eden

by Deanne Baum What lessons can we learn from gardens and gardening to help us in preparation for God’s Kingdom? Photo by Roger Nettles My parent’s front yard was always meticulously maintained with manicured lawns bereft of even thea suggestion of a weed. The … Continue reading

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I recently heard a television ad that made me chuckle. It touted that the product being offered was made completely from plants. Okay, I thought, but what plants? Are they beneficial plants or just used for taste or coloring? The … Continue reading

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