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Small Choices, Big Consequences

By Tony Stith When faced with small choices, what do we do? I faced a moral conundrum while standing in front of a pop machine at work. Now, I know there are some health purists who would argue that the … Continue reading

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Given once to die

by Robert Berendt It seems we live and walk with miracle after miracle without paying much attention. Each day we exist on this most remarkable and carefully designed planet. A planet that has so many qualities that work in precision … Continue reading

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The Who, What, Where, when, Why, and How to Serve in the Suffering of Others

By Deanne Baum The suffering of others can evoke strong feelings of anguish.¬†For me, it was children and those most vulnerable in society. Perhaps you feel the same way?¬†Maybe you are wondering what you could personally do to help … Continue reading

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